Baby tracking apps: What’s the deal?


Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Today we’re taking a quick look at baby tracking apps. You know the ones – the smartphone apps that help keep track of all the key info about your little newborns. Parents seem to fall into one of two camps when it comes to using app like this, they either love it or hate it! And neither parent is right or wrong, it just comes down to what is best for you. In this post we run through a couple of things that might show you why downloading Munchkin App is a great idea.

Let’s start by addressing the most common problem some people have with baby tracking apps. They think it might be a bit of a hassle to record all the activities of their child. And this is understandable. Having a newborn is a pretty stressful and busy time. However, what this misses is all the great things the tracker can do.

1. Your doctor may need the info

Having a newborn means regular check-ins with your pediatrician. Generally, the first questions your doctor will ask are about the number of wet nappies, and how much milk (whether breast milk or formula) your child is drinking. It’s best to get this information fairly accurate, especially if your child is having trouble feeding. Which takes us to the second most important reason for using a baby tracking app…

2. Sleep deprivation

You’ll be tired! All new parents are. And when you’re tired it’s easy for your memory to go to mush. Using a baby tracking app means all the information is stored away, giving you a reliable and trustworthy source of information for you to look back on.

3. Helps uncover your baby’s routine

This is one of those cool examples of technology helping us out – and which parent of a newborn is going to turn away some help! As we all know, there’s no ‘baby manual’ we get that tells us what to do with a newborn, and it’s pretty normal for the habits of babies to differ from what the baby books lead us to believe. Baby tracking apps like Munchkin App let you take a birds-eye view of the information you’re recording about your baby, and throw light on some interesting trends – cool things like when your baby sleeps longest, or when they’re hungriest. These are a nice way for you to see how your baby is growing.


The better apps are super easy to use

So let’s come back to the main problem some people have with using a baby tracking apps – they think using the app will be a hassle. Well, the better apps such as – ahem – Munchkin App, have been designed to be super simple to use. We’ve built the app to be everything you need, and nothing more. No photo sharing, no file storage, none of the extra crap stuff that makes using apps like this a pain.

So there we go, a few great reasons to download the Munchkin baby tracking app. Here’s to happy and healthy babies and parents.