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Having a child is a wonderful experience. The laughter, the smiles, the absolute joy.

Munchkin App has nothing to do with that side of parenting.

We help you keep track of your baby’s poos, wees, sleeps and feeds.

Where we’re going, we don’t need a ‘Share to Instagram’ button.


Free up your mind so you can focus on your baby. Use Munchkin App to keep track of your baby's inputs and outputs.

Add your children

Create a profile for each of your little wonders.

Track their feeds, sleeps, nappies & more

Let Munchkin App remember when they last ate, how much they've slept in the 24 hours and help determine when they may need a nappy change. It's about tracking the essentials, not everything under the sun.

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What time of day do they sleep best? What's the nappy situation been like? All the big questions answered. Munchkin App helps you confirm your gut feel about the habits and trends your baby is developing.


“Tracking apps like Munchkin App are so important for new, tired parents. I tried a few apps but Munchkin is by far the simplest to use.” - Mardi

“Life was so manic when we had our child. Munchkin App meant we had one less thing to think about.” - Deborah

“My doctor loves that I use Munchkin App as I can give her all the important information about my baby’s feeding, toilet and sleeping habits.” - Julia